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      KidsPre-SchoolPrimary School

      Help your child paint a cute ladybug rock

      These little ladybugs are beautiful, inexpensive to make, and are a fun craft to do with your child on a Saturday morning.


      Help your youngster pick smooth rocks from your garden, then let them get creative with paint to create beautiful ladybug rock art.

      What you need

      • Smooth?rocks
      • Red?acrylic?paint
      • Paintbrushes?and?or?sponge?brushes
      • Permanent?black?marker?(or?black?paint)
      • Googly?eyes
      • Glue gun
      • Scrap material

      How to make it

      1. Begin?by?washing?the?rocks?to?remove?any?dirt?or?dust?that?has?accumulated?on?them.
      2. Once?dry,?let?your?child?paint?them?red;?depending?on?paint?type,?your?child?may?need?to?paint?the?stones?more?than?once.
      3. Once?the?paint?is?dry,?use?a?black?permanent?marker?or?paint?to?draw?a?straight?line?down?the?centre?of?the?rock.
      4. Draw?seven?or?more?dots?on?the?wings.
      5. Using a glue gun, stick?on?the?googly?eyes.? You?could?also?paint?them?on if you don’t have a glue gun or googly eyes.

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