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      Barberton learners busted with drugs and dangerous weapons

      Some learners showed the police where they had found some dagga, which resulted in the recovery of two bucketsful

      The police and Traffic Intervention Unit seized some unwanted and dangerous weapons from some learners during a search and seizure operation conducted at three high schools in Barberton on August 25.

      The items included several boxes of matches stashed with compressed dagga, knives and cigarettes. Some of the learners caught with dagga provided information about their supplier. This subsequently led the team to a nearby car wash where two 20L buckets containing dagga were seized. Two suspects were arrested.

      The search was led by the provincial MEC for community safety, security and liaison, Vusi Shongwe. He said these visits are part of the Government’s broader School Safety Strategy.

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      “It is deeply disappointing that despite all the programmes and awareness campaigns the department and stakeholders conduct in schools, we still find these levels of delinquency in some of our schools. Our programmes will continue to be rolled out at schools across the province. We remain relentless in our endeavours to make our schools safer for effective learning and teaching,” said the MEC.

      He also blamed those who supply the learners with drugs, saying that parents should help to point those out who corrupt their children.
      “These children are our future. We should not surrender our country’s future to heartless and unscrupulous people who do not care about it,” said Shongwe.

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      He requested learners and young people to focus more on their studies and positive lifestyles. He insisted that there are many positive role models across all sectors of society whom they should aspire to be like, and stop emulating bad characters.

      The MEC for the provincial Department of Education, Bonakele Majuba, appealed to parents to check their children’s schoolbags from time to time and to speak to them about the consequences of dealing in and abusing illicit substances.

      “The department will continue to work together with these stakeholders to free schools from drug and substance abuse as well as trafficking. Drugs and weapons are not allowed in any schools in our province, and will not tolerated,” he said.


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