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      Are you ready for the summer?

      Nature is about to hit us with a tsunami of colour and new leaf and plant growth - the birds and the bees are busier and the days are warming up.

      This is a sure sign that it is time for the traditional spring clean.

      Not sure how to do this? Follow this advice.

      Give it some thought

      Well, decide which room in the house requires a facelift – grab pen and paper – find a quiet spot in that room and put your thinking cap on. Draw some pictures of possibly moving the furniture – what colour would you like to paint which wall – or perhaps, it just needs a thorough declutter. Dot your thoughts down – make some rough drawings and dream a little.
      A declutter is always a good place to start. If you have not used something in the last six months, throw it out and create space for something that is used regularly. And while you are doing this, have a wet cloth at hand to clean all these spaces, cupboards and shelves.

      Get physical

      Unpack the fridge and freezer and either use all the bits and bobs of scraps to make a delicious stew, or throw it out.
      Clean the filters of your air conditioners. Most homes in the Lowveld have ceiling fans. Grab a ladder and clean the blades with a wet cloth.
      Give your carpets the hippy-hippy shake with a thorough vacuum and spot cleaning. To extend the service life of your carpets, they require a deep clean at least once a year. This applies to mattresses too.

      Now let’s get serious!

      Once the aforementioned is done, take a deep breath and start planning the more serious stuff like removing a wall or repainting a room.
      The most important thing is to have fun.



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