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      Penryn festival-goers groove it out in the rain

      From stalls to entertainment, the Penryn Festival had something to offer for everyone.

      The rain might have sent a few people packing on the evening of August 19, but they sure missed out on one helluva Mango Groove show at the Penryn Festival.

      Despite the weather and a slight delay, most festival-goers persevered and were surely not disappointed by the performance put on by this legendary band.

      The festival did not only celebrate Mango Groove, but aimed to bring the Lowveld’s unequal music talents to the forefront as well.

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      There were marimba bands a plenty as well as vocal performers to keep the vibe up and get attendees pumped up for the main act.

      Penryn said it was a really lovely opportunity to share what with the approximately 3 000 people in attendance. And putting something of this magnitude on after the silent lockdown months was no small feat.

      The school said it had received positive feedback from vendors who had stalls at the festival with many of them selling out their products, or at least coming close to it.

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      It is aiming to make this an annual event and a must-attend on the Lowveld calendar.

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