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      An evening of glamour and poise at Bergvlam

      Mr and Miss Bergvlam took place on August 18.

      This year’s Mr and Miss Bergvlam had the audience on their feet cheering loudly for their favourites.

      What some might not realise, though, is that this competition is not merely about looking good on the runway for one evening. A lot of hard work goes into the preparation, fundraising and challenges that count for 50% of their final score to determine who gets to boast the coveted titles of Mr and Miss Bergvlam.

      Fittingly, the challenges the participants had to embark on embodied the school’s five pillars, pride, ubuntu, respect, integrity and responsibility.
      For the pride aspect, they had to spoil their favourite teacher at the school. For ubuntu, the participants collected goods for and spent time at Grace Baby Haven.

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      Spending time with a senior citizen was next on the list to exhibit respect for the older generation. Next up was integrity. For this pillar, the participants had to bless a stranger. They did not have to document this part, but simply submit their idea beforehand. And lastly there was responsibility. For this pillar, each
      finalist had to raise R2 500 towards the crowning evening.

      The finalist proved themselves more than capable during the challenges, and these were the winners:
      ? Mr and Miss Bergvlam:
      Dyllan van Zyl and Danelle Mader
      ? 1st Prince and Princess:
      Lourenzo Shakwane and Sari?tte Kuperus
      ? 2nd Prince and Princess:
      Christiaan Burger and Skye Nicholson
      ? Mr and Miss Personality:
      Unathi Sengwayo and Jaelyn de Vries
      ? Mr and Miss Photogenic:
      Christiaan Burger and Jaelyn de Vries
      ? Ambassador:
      Danelle Mader, who raised R37 000.

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