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      Church donates free fuel to motorists in Mbombela

      ECG distributed free fuel and food to community members, but also made donations to orphanages in the area.

      The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) is showing Christian charity in a time of rising living costs and high petrol prices. Not only did ECG distribute free fuel and food to community members, but also made donations to orphanages in the area.

      According to the representative at ECG, Thobile Phiri, the church is hosting an evangelical outreach in August every year, and as part of its programme, decided to reach out to the needy, even if it was just offering extra hands to help with the cleaning at orphanages.

      “This year, the cell groups within our church gathered money and chose projects where they can donate and give people something, because the Bible teaches us to give. So this time we had people who realised that some of the community members were stressed with the petrol price and decided to put a smile on some motorists’ faces by buying a few litres of fuel,” he said.

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      Phiri said the project benefited some orphanages around Mbombela, including an old age home. Food donations and assistance with cleaning chores were also provided.

      One of the beneficiaries, Simon Lukhele, said he was happy to have received R200’s worth of free petrol, because it is very rare to find someone who will just buy fuel for strangers. “Churches should be at the forefront of giving instead of demanding money from the congregants. This church has demonstrated the love of God by giving to the needy. I was in need of that petrol and I believe with the prices we are paying for petrol, it will make a difference to me and other motorists,” he said.

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