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      Local newsNews

      City of Mbombela calls on court to stop illegal building on ANC land in Weltevreden

      The municipality has issued legal notices to the people who are building on the land, to cease and desist.

      The City of Mbombela (CoM) has embarked on a legal route to oust those allegedly illegally living on ANC property. Legal notices have already been sent to those who had erected dwellings on the site and a court order is awaited.

      According to CoM spokesperson, Joseph Ngala, this issue dates back to September 2020 when a complaint was lodged regarding people demarcating stands on portion 50 of the farm Weltevreden 455JT, a farm belonging to the ANC. “At the time it was just stand demarcation. However, in August 2021, one illegal occupant started building on his stand and we issued a legal notice. As the property belongs to the ANC, CoM had to inform property owners of the

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      ANC to seek a court order to stop land invasion on their property,” he said.

      Ngala said the municipal legal notice was forwarded to the legal department to secure a court order to stop illegal construction and evict illegal occupants of the land. This matter is still pending at time of going to press.

      It is against municipal by-laws to erect any structure without submitting plans for approval. The area, according to Ngala, is not zoned for residential purposes and there are no services in place. He pleaded with the public, on behalf of CoM, to refrain from invading the land or building houses on land not approved for residential purposes.

      Obtaining a comment from the provincial ANC proved unfruitful.

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