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      Local sport

      Mpumalanga’s best tennis schools clash on Mbombela courts

      Laerskool Middelburg won the boys'and girls' sections.

      Mbombela was once again fortunate to host the Tennis South Africa (TSA) Rising Star series this past Saturday, August 20.

      This edition was the primary schools’ provincial event, in which the winning primary school teams from all three districts, Lowveld, Highveld and West Mpumalanga, competed to decide the best team in the province.

      The boys and girls of Laerskool Middelburg stole the show, with both teams emerging victorious.

      The boys’ team defeated West Mpumalanga team, CR Swart, in the final.

      The girls played a round robin format against all the other teams, and it truly came down to the wire.

      The top three teams of Laerskool Middelburg, Laerskool Kanonkop and Laerskool Nelspruit all had a chance at victory until the last ball was hit.

      Middelburg, however, proved too strong, earning a well-deserved berth to the National Rising Star tournament, which will be held in Gauteng from November 4 to 6.

      “A special congratulations to Laerskool Middelburg,” said the Lowveld Primary Schools representative, Susan van der Linde, about the achievement.

      “They set the standard high for the coming years! Some amazing shots, points and sportsmanship was shown by all players today.”

      Van der Linde further commented that it was important to have an interdistrict tennis competition again in Mpumalanga, after what seemed like a long stretch of inactivity due to lockdown. It has ignited the fire for more tennis, more competition and more tennis exposure and experience in the province.

      Final Standings
      1. Laerskool Middelburg
      2. Kanonkop Primary
      3. Laerskool Nelspruit
      4. HM Swart
      5. Curro Nelspruit
      1. Laerskool Middelburg
      2. CR Swart
      3. Laerskool Nelspruit
      4. Laerskool Laeveld
      5. Kruinpark
      6. HM Swart

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