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      Mpumalanga Show promises a highlight-filled line-up

      You cannot afford to miss out on the Mpumalanga Show at the Mbombela Stadium from August 24 to 27. Here are some of the items to expect:

      It was a long two years since Covid started, but the Mpumalanga Show is back.

      The Mpumalanga Show is an NGO privately owned by Themba Sgudla, and it is now independent from the Government. The annual Mpumalanga Show aims to celebrate the province’s heritage and once again create opportunities to benefit individuals, stakeholders and Mpumalanga as a whole.

      This year will be our fourth Mpumalanga Agricultural Trade and Family Show, which will take place at the Mbombela Stadium from August 24 to 27.

      The Mpumalanga Show will showcase the best of the province with a special emphasis on agriculture, forestry, mining, tourism and wildlife. This platform is a unique and diverse mechanism that will drive change and assist in economic growth, sustainability and transformation, which attracts investment and assists in sustainable job creation.

      The show is open to all people of Mpumalanga and beyond. It will feature agriculture and forestry machinery, motor dealers, unique exhibitions and food stalls, various breeds of animals, various competitions, shows and demonstrations, cultural dance groups, and extreme and live entertainment.

      Highlights for 2022 will include:

      ? A bigger kids’ play park
      ? A flea market
      ? Super Inflatable Adventure Island (a first for Mpumalanga)
      ? Monster truck shows, including drifting and dyno cars
      ? Le Rich electric motorbike stunt shows
      ? Wrestling
      ? Equestrian games, featuring barrel racing, speed pattern racing and horse vaulting
      ? Livestock exhibitions, including sheep, goats, rabbits and chickens (cattle are cancelled due to current foot-and-mouth threat)
      ? A different kind of circus, which includes funny clowns, trapeze acts, aerial artists, balancers to death, the Globe of Death, a fire-swallower, tightrope walkers, jugglers and magicians
      ? Wildlife on show will include a snake and reptile park, and a live crocodile display
      ? 4×4 obstacle course
      ? Competitions: Aweh Braai Competition, Adult Visual Art Competition, Cake Competition, Miss Mpumalanga Show Ambassador.

      For all our show visitors, we will have a safe park-and-ride service from Halls to the main entrance gate at the stadium.
      Security and car guards will be on-site. Ample parking opposite the main gate, on the soccer field, will also be available for your convenience.
      Inside the terrain, we will have a hop-and-stop ARC Shuttle service available daily. Whenever you feel tired, but still need to explore, just hop on this shuttle and all problems are solved.

      For any information or inquiries about tickets, registration forms or contact details, visit our website at www.thempushow.co.za or the
      Mpumalanga Show’s Facebook page.

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