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      TM Mantsha Engineering Company cares about their local school children

      TM Mantsha Engineering engourages other companies to help and stand together to make a difference in locals children's lives.

      TM Mantsha Engineering Company likes to invest in education and the well-being of local children.

      On Wednesday, August 17, 10 learners from Dithamaga Primary School at Ga-Matlala Village received full school uniforms from the management of the company.

      According to Duncan Madire of TM Mantsha Engineering Company, since the company is based in Steelpoort, they thought it will be best to support needy children at the local schools.

      “We know that there many children who face numerous obstacles to go to school dressed in full proper uniform due to their family background. As a company, we wanted to meet the children’s families and the school halfway and at least help where possible. Giving a uniform reduces school absenteeism and boosts the learners’ self-esteem and be able to fit in and play freely,” said Madire.

      He said they had received a letter from the school management team (SMT) pleading with local companies to assist the needy and vulnerable at the school.

      “Our love and eagerness to see these kids succeed compelled us to act and get them the full sets of uniforms. “It pains us to see children barefooted and dressed in worn-out uniforms. We are hoping to bring more change and touch the lives of deprived families.”

      Madire added the company has been involved in several donations around Limpopo, reaching out to needy people.

      “We are encouraging local business people and companies to join us in giving back to the community. There’s a lot that needs to be done. We hope the learners work hard and excel at the end of the year to make everyone proud,” added Madire.

      Dithamaga Primary School’s principal, Muhle Kobe, said they are privileged that the company assisted the children who are really in need of a school uniform.

      “The uniforms were handed to the neediest pupils. As educators, it was a norm to at times buy the kids some shoes.

      Some are orphans, while others come from child-headed families. The company indeed brought smiles to their faces.”

      Kobe said, “We would like to thank TM Mantsha for these special donations. Hopefully, they will extend their helping hand to other needy institutions.”

      The SMT at the school also applauded the engineering company for its generosity.

      “These kids will now be able to focus 100% in class, and we expect them to better in their school work.”

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