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      Mpumalanga Show promises exciting mounted games

      One of the Mpumalanga Show's highlights this weekend will be our locals taking part in mounted games, showing off their steeds' and their own abilities.

      On Saturday August 27, about 20 local riders will participate in mounted games. These games on horseback require athletic ability, riding skills, hand-to-eye co-ordination, determination, and an ability to work together with other riders and horses, either individually, in pairs or in teams.

      The games were developed to test technical, physical and mental abilities of both riders and their horses, and include combinations of turns, riding skills, galloping, breaking, jumping and many more.

      The great thing about mounted games is that they are suitable for all ages and levels of riders – from small children who need to be led to adults who have been riding since they could walk. Anyone can participate on equal ground, as riders are placed in groups depending on their skill level.

      These games can either be done competitively or just for the absolute fun of it, like at the Mpumalanga Show. Some of the planned games will include traditional mounted games such as barrel racing, pole bending and the Big T. Other games will remind spectators more of boeresports.

      The ribbon race is bound to test a rider’s ability to work with a randomly picked partner by having to stay closely together while navigating an obstacle course. The ball game will not only test the horse’s speed, but also its turning ability and the rider’s ability to get the ball in the designated bucket.

      The TP challenge is sure to test the rider’s balance, not only in the saddle, but also balancing rolls of toilet paper on top of one another without dropping them while navigating a course, which will be done at various speeds, with one hand only.

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