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      Local newsNews

      Kaapsehoop Art Festival a joy to behold

      The festival was held over Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 near the Silver Mist Country Inn.

      The Kaapsehoop Art Festival drew crowds from across the Lowveld over the weekend with good food, beautiful art and exciting performances from several musicians, including Mathys Roets.

      The festival started off on Saturday morning, April 23, and hosted artists, crafters and entrepreneurs all ready to sell and chat about their wares. From glass beads, magnificent works of art, bespoke knifes, handbags, jewellery and of course, a bunch delicious treats, the market had something for everyone.

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      The Jabulani Marimba Band also made an appearance and enticed a small crowd who were enthralled by their vibrant and energetic performance. Roets performed at 20:00 on April 23 in the entertainment hall opposite Silver Mist and wowed his crowd with his musical talents.

      On Sunday, a worship service was held at the Pronoia Chapel, with performances by Rika Human and Lynette Massyn, as well as a performance of Amazing Grace by the Stevenson-Hamilton Pipe Band which marched through the town while they played.

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