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      Kidnappings are planned inside prison

      Mozambican Attorney General confirms Lowvelder's investigations into kidnappings.

      MAPUTO – The Attorney General of Mozambique confirmed the information Lowvelder’s investigation into the kidnappings revealed – they were being orchestrated inside Maputo’s top security prison. Last week the newspaper reported that its source had revealed that the kidnappings were being orchestrated inside the prison (known as the BO) and from the cells of the Maputo city police command.

      Attorney General Mr Augusto Paulino, who was speaking at the opening of a meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday, revealed exactly the same information.

      Agência de Informa??o de Mo?ambique (AIM) reported he also linked the case to the men serving sentences for the assassination in 2000 of the country’s foremost investigative journalist, Carlos Cardoso.

      The three men found guilty of ordering Cardoso’s murder, former bank manager Vicente Ramaya, notorious loan shark Momad Assife Abdul Satar (“Nini”), and his brother Ayob Abdul Satar, owner of the now defunct Unicambios Foreign Exchange Bureau, were jailed first in the BO, and later transferred to the city command.

      “Despite the prison rules against communicating with the outside world, the murderers always had access to mobile phones, and prosecutors were convinced that they were planning other crimes from their prison cells.” Ramaya and Ayob Satar were released earlier this year, halfway through their sentences, on grounds of good behaviour. According to AIM, Nini Satar remained behind bars and prosecutors believed they had the evidence to charge him with ordering some of the initial kidnappings that occurred late 2011 and early 2012. But before the case came to trial in September this year, a Maputo judge, Aderito Malhope, removed Satar’s name from the list of accused.

      “In some cases we had proof, and it was in the case file, but some magistrates haven’t mastered the technique to interpret this evidence, and since they don’t bother to seek explanation from experts, they end up ignoring it.” According to Paulino the most worrying factor of all was the involvement of policemen in kidnappings. He recalled that, of the six men on trial for kidnapping in the Maputo City Court in September, three were policemen. Nazir Loonat, spokesman for the Islamic community in Maputo, told Lowvelder that families were losing hope. “They have employed investigators from all over the world, hand all the evidence to officials and nothing gets done.”

      “So far there have been 65 cases of kidnappings and not one was solved before the payments were made, and then there only have been a few arrests of minor people involved.”

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