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      KaNyamazane Stadium: ‘Infrastructure a godsend’

      Life-long friends and well-known businessmen in the community, Obed Tsela (78) and Isaac Tlou (70) were part of the first families that relocated to KaNyamazane in 1971.

      KaNyamazane, previously known as Lekazi, was established as a labour reserve, and was then zoned to fall within the Kangwane homeland.

      “I remembered that day very well. It was over a the December holidays. I was driving a truck transferring the community from the old to the new location. It was a difficult time as the old location was in the boundaries of the town within Delta – the canal that goes to Croc Valley. The other side of the boundary was where the location settled. It was meant for working people serving the town and no transport was needed. On the other hand it was also a wonderful experience as we had flushing toilets for the first time,” said Tlou.

      The first primary school, Thandilwazi was built in 1972.

      Mbomela Local Municipality was appointed as one of the host cities for the Soccer World Cup in 2010. It was expected to provide a playing venue and at least two training venues to meet the minimum stipulated Fifa World Cup standards. KaNyamazane and KaBokweni Stadiums were identified for this purpose.

      Photo: Lidwala

      “I cannot exactly remember the year the stadium was built, but it was around 1974 and 1975. It came as a blessing for the township. Before the stadium was built, our children had no place to go for recreational activities. It was a God-sent infrastructure. I must thank the person who came up with the idea,” said Tsela.

      Tlou and Tsela, who have been friends for more than 50 years, admit that there is no better way than bringing rugby to the people, than to host a match at KaNyamazane Stadium.

      “The first time we heard that rugby is coming to our township, it inspired us and it was such a blessing.

      Our brothers were never exposed to rugby, only soccer. The locals will mingle and start to love the sport and appreciate the man on the field, just like winning Springbok captain of the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Francois Pienaar, who became very popular in our community.”

      The stadium’s upgrades were completed on time for the 2010 Fifa World Cu and left behind a legacy for community benefit.

      Lidwala Consulting Engineers (SA) (Pty) Ltd, were appointed to upgrade KaNyamaazne Stadium for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.
      The works consisted of:

      Photo: Lidwala

      Following a successful biding by South Africa to host 2010 World Cup Soccer tournament, Mbomela Local Municipality was appointed as one of the host cities. As such, Mbombela Local Municipality is expected to provide a playing venue and at least two training venues among other facilities, all meeting the minimum stipulated FIFA World cup standards.

      It made economic sense for Mbombela Local Municipality to invest in upgrading already existing stadiums for use as training venues. KaNyamazane and KaBokweni Stadiums were identified for this purpose.

      LIDWALA Consulting Engineers (SA) (Pty) Ltd, were appointed by Ehlanzeni District Municipality acting as an implementing Agent on behalf of Mbombela Local Municipality for the provision of Professional Services, including Project Management.

      The works consisted of:

      ? Demolishing and building new ticket offices
      ? Re-doing the soccer pitch and athletic track, installing new pitch drainage (Shelton Drainage) and underground automated irrigation system with 90 000 litres back-up water tanks and installation of Soccer Pitch Equipment and Training Accessories.
      ? Building the new fully furnished VIP entertainment block with a Lounge and FIFA Offices
      ? Renovating and Equipping the players change rooms
      ? Building three new additional spectators ablution blocks
      ? Renovating and repairing the existing spectators ablution blocks
      ? Construction of a concrete retaining wall to enclose the emergency services
      ? Renovating and repainting of the main grand stand and the southern grand stand
      ? Upgrading the built-up stand and making safe
      ? Installation of a 1,8 metres high pitch fence with two metre wide pedestrian gates. 1 x six metres wide emergency vehicle entrance and 1 x 3 metre player
      access gate
      ? Removing the 4 x 24 metres high field lighting masts and erecting 4 x new 34,7 metre high field lighting masts providing light minimum levels of 500 lux
      ? Revamping the electrical site reticulation, provide security lighting in and around the stadium, and providing a stand-by generator
      ? Installing a Public Address System for announcements and public control purposes
      ? Construction of new water reticulation networks within the stadium, fire water supply and domestic water supply, all connected to back-up water tanks.

      Photo: Lidwala



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