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      Do you have a cleaning dilemma?

      It's the season for giving, so sit back, relax and let 'K?rcher' do your dirty work for you, literally! Enter this competition and you could win big!

      As the year draws to an end, not only are you a little worn out and in need of a good holiday to rejuvenate the mind and body, but your home, garden and workplace also bear testament to the long and arduous season.

      The carpet in the lounge has a coffee stain which is a constant reminder of that disastrous morning when you rushed out of the house, trying to make that meeting on time. K?rcher Me!


      You finally arrive at work after your meeting, only to find your table in a state, crumbling under the pressure of a million files which have gathered a fine layer of dust. In an effort to clean up, you work up a sweat, so you switch on the air conditioner to cool down – except you start to cough at the dusty cold air blowing from the air vent- probably manufactured in 1902. K?rcher Me!




      Nonetheless, you get through the day and make it home. No more worries… right? Except you promised your date that you would pick her up in about two hours to dine at that fancy restaurant. Problem – your car looks like it’s going through a life crisis, not having been washed in several months. Remember that impressions matter. K?rcher Me!




      So what exactly does K?rcher Me mean?

      To be “K?rchered” means to be thoroughly cleaned. In countries such as Germany, UK, France, Poland, Mexico and the United States ‘K?rcher’ is now colloquially used as synonymous with a cleaning system using high-pressure water and steam.

      To celebrate the new K?rcher store in Nelspruit – Lowvelder readers will have the chance to get K?rchered with the cleaning team of your dreams!

      The lucky domestic and professional winners will recieve K?rcher cleaning equipment as part of the prize, so they never have to worry about cleaning ever again!

      Let us take you through the simple steps…

      1. Take a photo of what you need cleaned in your home, garden or workplace in Mbombela – K?rcher Me is looking for a real cleaning challenge!

      2. Upload the photo onto the Laevelder/Lowvelder Facebook page. Specify whether it is domestic or professional, state where it is, and why you urgently need it cleaned. Send your name and surname and do not forget your contact details.

      3. Photos posted on Laevelder/Lowvelder’s Facebook page will be copied to a? K?rcher Me Facebook album.

      4. NB: ONLY the photos added to the Lowvelder Facebook album will be counted as relevant – no other version of your photo posted anywhere else will be counted in the running of this competition.? No exceptions will be granted.

      4. Finalists and winners will be selected by the competition organisers. Please note that the judges’ decision is final.

      5. The competition organisers will thereafter contact the two lucky winners for professional and domestic cleaning respectively, and arrange for K?rcher Me to visit their home or workplace. A ”before” and ”after” photo will be taken as proof of the cleaning challenge.

      Get ready to get K?rchered!

      Terms and Conditions apply.

      • Please note that this competition is not open to entrants outside of South Africa or any employees working for K?rcher. The cleaning area has to be within a 50km radius around Mbombela.


      • This competition has been extended to Saturday, January 31, 2015. It will close at 12:00.


      • The two winners will be announced Tuesday, February 3, 2015 and will subsequently be notified by the competition organizers.


      • The competition organisers will contact the winners via email or telephonically and arrange a date and time for the cleaning.


      • By entering this competition, you permit Lowvelder and K?rcher the right to document the cleaning process and take photos of the winners and the cleaning process for publication in the Lowveld Media newspapers and online.


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