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      This one’s for the Blue’s lovers

      The SA Blues Breakers was launched late last year and every Blues fan will be absoloutely love this album.

      The SA Blues Breakers was launched late last year and every Blues fan will be absolutely love this album.

      The album features tracks from Black Cat Bones, Albert Frost, Gerald Clark, Piet Botha, Floyd and Akkedis, just to name a few. It is rare to find so much soul on one album. Natsha Meister opens the cd with her take on “Cross Road Blues” by Robert Johnson.

      In the middle of the album you’ll be blown away by Piet Botha’s cover of “Car Hiss By My Window” by The Doors. And a sweet end by De Wallen’s cover of “Pride an Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughn will set you in the right mood. Listeners can expect a compilation of old blues songs, ranging from the 1930s, through songs from the Memphis/Chicago, electric blues scene, on to the British blues explosion with songs by artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

      There are three albums up for grabs if you complete all the questions below.

      The competition closes on August 13 at 12:00.

      The competition winners will be contacted by the organisers of the competition.


      All correct answers will entered into a lucky draw. Please note that the judge’s decision is final.

      Good luck!

      Prize Collection:

      Please collection your prize at:

      Lowveld Media

      12 Stinkhout Crescent

      West Acres



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