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      Battle of the flames

      Do you consider yourself a fire-master? Then answer the questions below and stand a chance to win these hot, hot prizes! Find the hidden clues in the post. Good luck!

      Do you consider yourself a fire-master? Then answer the questions below and stand a chance to win these hot, hot prizes!

      Answer these easy questions here:

      Clue link:

      The Lowveld boasts its own Youtube legend

      1st Prize: Boulders Bushcamp Survival Experience for two. Worth R2,000. A weekend survival course presented by Hunt Cheney, one of South Africa’s top survival experts. Learn about primitive hunting techniques, trapping, tracking, fire-making and shelter construction. Overnight in a unique tented tree-house. Course dates: 25-26 October or 22-23 November 2014.

      2nd Prize: 30 Minute Elephant interaction experience for two at Kwa-Madwala. Worth R900 Walk, feed, touch, sense and talk with Africa’s peaceful giants.

      3rd Prize: Pump Drill – Hand Crafted by ROBwithaB. Worth: Collector’s item. A traditional hand-made device for making friction fires. No special skills or strength required.

      4th Prize: Outdoor Warehouse Voucher. Browse the large range of outdoor and survival equipment at Outdoor Warehouse in Riverside and apply your voucher instore.

      5th Prize: OBwithaB solar fire kit. Worth? – What is your time worth to polish a coke can for an hour? A complete set comprising an aluminium can polished to a mirror finish, a tootchpick and a piece of tinder fungus, smouldering tinder, and a grass tinder bundle. Guaranteed to make fire, as long as the sun is shining.

      View the gallery below, and find the clues to your answers!

      Read the terms and conditions here.

      View the video below for more clues to your answers!

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      Rob lights a fire on father’s day

      Competition closes:

      July 4, 2014- Friday at 12:00.

      The competition winners will be contacted by the organisers of Battle of the Flames.

      Please note that the judge’s decision is final.

      Good luck!

      One Comment

      1. This was really awesome to make fire for the first time without a lighter or matches.

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