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      Win an ABSA Springbok experience of a lifetime!

      What would you do to win a once-in-a-lifetime ABSA Springbok experience?

      What would you do to win a once-in-a-lifetime ABSA Springbok experience?

      If you could…

      ? Have exclusive access to the Captains Run on Friday and watch the Springbok practice from an exclusive suite
      ? Go on a special tour of the Springbok locker room on Saturday morning before the Test at Mbombela Stadium, hosted by ex–Springbok captain Corne Krige, who will explain what happens in the change room, show you where everyone sits and take you onto the pitch
      ? Have an exclusive lunch with Corne Krige after the tour
      ? Be given an Springbok jersey
      ? Get ABSA suite tickets to the Test

      …what would you do?

      boke banner

      How far are you willing to go to win this prize for yourself and a friend? How crazy is Bok crazy?

      1. Execute your idea.

      2. Have someone take a photo of it.

      3. Write a short story of what you did and why.

      4. Email this with your full name, address and contact number to [email protected]

      Entries close at 15:00 on Thursday 19 June. The ABSA winner will be notified before 17:00 on the same day. The judges’ decision is final.

      If you are selected the winner by Lowveld Media then…

      The tentative programme for the weekend would be as follows:

      Friday, 19 June:

      14:30 Meet at main gate of Mbombela stadium
      15:30-16:30 Taken to suite to watch exclusive and ‘closed’ Captains Run
      17:00 Suite closes

      Saturday, 20 June:

      08:15 – 08:40?? Competition winners arrival at Loerie’s Call Guest House
      08:40 – 09:00? Leave for the Locker Room Experience
      09:00 – 10:15?? Locker Room Experience
      10:15 – 10:30 ?? Leave for Orange Restaurant
      10:30-11:00?????? Welcome drinks
      11:00- 13:00????? Lunch in restuarant

      13:00- 13:30????? Leave for stadium
      13:30-15:00????? ABSA Hospitality

      15:00-17:00 Springboks vs Wales

      18:00- 18:30 Leave for Loeries Call Guest House

      Read the Terms and Conditions here.

      Fans show their love for the Bokke. View the video below.


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